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 Rules, and Content.

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Rules, and Content. Empty
PostSubject: Rules, and Content.   Rules, and Content. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2016 8:10 pm

Since most of you are probably just here for the content, here you go!

And the discord channel, just in case you're a weird neckbeard that wants to hear other roleplayer's talk.

Now that you have the content, READ THE RULES!
If you see something that should obviously be against the rules, yet isn't listed, you should likely avoid doing it. use common sense, and your intuition.

        Server Specific Rules.
1: Don't use Hacks, ESPs, or Scripts, whatever you want to call it. Use of any of those will result in a permanent ban, without chance of appeal.
2: Don't Metagame.
3: Don't cross-character interact, none of your characters are allowed to meet, or directly know one another.
4: Don't asspull items, or authorizations.
5: Respect your fellow players, and admins alike. treat others as you would like others to treat you.
6: Don't Powergame.
7: Don't ERP in the server, if you feel the need to do it, take it to steam.
8: RapeRP isn't allowed, it's disgusting.
9: Don't lolgrab, roleplay picking items up.
10: Don't ignore rp, if someone shoves you, react to it.
11: Don't "Lolvoid" if you perform an action, only to say "LOL Void void" you will be forced to live with the consequences.
12: Don't leave to avoid RP.
13: You may not raid bases, houses, or faction locations while the inhabitants are offline. a player being offline doesn't mean their character ceases to exist.
14: Common sense things, such as PainRP, FearRP, Fatigue, and PassiveRP should be taken into consideration at all times, though I don't expect you to just passiverp constantly.
15: If you don't want to play to lose, you may opt to "Roll to Win" so long as you have admin moderation, if another player is being unfair you may call to have an admin watch the fight. If a player is spending an entire combat RP session arguing, debating, and being unpleasant, have an admin come over to help deal with the issue.
16: Keep OOC drama OOC, don't "Out" people in server OOC chat, and don't take OOC grudges IC.
17: Any minge Pacs will cause your pac privileges to be revoked permanently.
17.2: ALL PACS MUST USE SERVER CONTENT/PORTS! Follow rule 4 when making pacs.

       Forum Rules.
1: Don't shitpost.
2: Be respectful to other members.
3: Don't create alternate accounts, or utilize alternate accounts to make your post appear more legitimate.
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Rules, and Content.
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