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 Fusion Cores, Power Armor, Pipboys.

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Fusion Cores, Power Armor, Pipboys. Empty
PostSubject: Fusion Cores, Power Armor, Pipboys.   Fusion Cores, Power Armor, Pipboys. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 11:53 pm


So I decided to make up this little guide due to the recent release of Fallout 4, in which Bethesda made some lore changes to the items specified above. On several RP servers, the lore for power armor and pipboys got changed to what was in the newest installment of the Fallout franchise, however, I recommend a slightly custom system.

Fusion Cores & Power armor:

In Fallout 4, the fusion cores were introduced and the lore for power armor was changed, rather than the microfusion packs of the old games, the power source for power armor was a small tube-like item. In our lore, the fusion cores are present, however, they function a little bit differently from their game counterparts. Our fusion cores keep the power armor powered for as long as the old microfusion packs (10,000 years), however, they provide a more open weakness to the user. Shooting fusion cores ingame usually ends in a nuclear explosion, in our lore, the fusion cores do not explode, but simply let out a dangerous dose of radiation.


Fallout 4 introduces a rather peculiar form of pipboy-one that does not biometrically lock, but manages biological systems. In our server, pipboys are biometrically locked and are unable to be taken off by anyone other than the user. There are ways to get past that fault, but I shall not share them here.
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Fusion Cores, Power Armor, Pipboys.
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