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 James Luften

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PostSubject: James Luften   James Luften Icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2016 12:20 am

James 'Metal Man' Luften

James Luften NNYR5q0

James Luften WTWMwSy

"Do I look more like a tin-can or an aluminum can?"


Physical Health: A few scars, more dents.

Mental Health: Maybe a dent or two on the ol' helmet.

Hair color: Jet Black, graying.

Eye color: Light blue.

Race: Caucasian

Facial features: Scar on side of head, roughly trimmed beard.


Armor: Full set of T-51B PA.

Apparel: Tattered and ripped BoS jumpsuit.

Weaponry: Laser rifle.

Family, Good/Best Friend, Friend, Associate, Neutral, Disliked, Mistrusted, Hated, Despised.

'The Girl' - When I met her she was a little girl and I vowed to take care of her, now she takes care of the old cabin. I won't ever have a daughter, but i'd call her one. She'll do alright out here in the wasteland, she has a certain wasteland cunning.

'Dusk' - He was a strange one, I met him when a slaver took him hostage and I shot him just enough to make the guy think he was dead, afterwards I patched him up and all was alright. I would've apologized to him but he disappeared a few days after nicking my elbowplate, I guess he's dead.

'Shadow' - He knew how to use a forge, we decided to work together in an old workshop back in Arton, Pennsylvania, he's a bit rigid but i'd still call him a friend.

Sebastian Sharp - He's a good ol' ghoul, saved me from having to take a few more dents in the suit and provided me with good company when the guns weren't raised, I hope to see him again.

Locke - He used to own a bar in Arton, I helped him out a few times and he did the same for me, but I didn't talk to him all too often.

'Jaws' - Where did he ever get that nickname?

Marcus Shields - He scorned me for a year when I treated him with kindness, but he was the only option we had to trade gear.

Thalia - She's one of the most shady teenagers i've ever met, but she isn't dull.

Jackson Elbert - If hell exists, he came from it. He was the worst human being I have ever seen and probably the worst I ever will see, i'm glad he's dead.

Lillian Rale - She must atleast be a distant relative to Jackson, there's only a special kind of cunt that can live up to him. She acts just like him, almost, and she even tried to drop a cinderblock on my head.

Ziska Cacillie - She's a huge woman, but she has a good heart, and a good soul to go with it. All she did she did for the town, taking the place of Marcus and even helping me open the clinic.

'Sierra' - I didn't talk to him much, he looks surprisingly like Dusk and is much less entertaining, he's alright though.

Oscar Leach - He's a desert ranger, and a desert ranger that isn't a complete cunt, I want to see more of him.

'Phobos' - He made me do some things that I regret, he isn't a good..thing.

Jessica Rourke - Some trader woman I passed by a few times, we didn't talk much but I have a fond memory when we discovered a crate of porno mags together, was pretty funny.

Hoshkio Yatkisa - She's a good woman, seems to be pretty skilled in engineering and meds, I faintly remember working with her in the clinic.

Tom Dixon - I don't remember much about him other than that he hated Jackson and that he had a ton of guns.

Artair - He's a bit reserved and isn't the most humorous person I've ever met, but he's a good guy, I hope to see him again.

Sabine Hessinger - I didn't talk with her that much, but we did work together as guards for Ziska, she seems alright.

Bella Reggio - I distinctly remember her because she always droned on about honor and justice, she was a sword person, just like Shadow.

Pennsylvania Tribals - They're territorial and don't speak english, they threw rocks at me, luckily they weren't throwing javelins instead..

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PostSubject: Re: James Luften   James Luften Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2016 7:22 pm

That portrait looks like Tom Cruise
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PostSubject: Re: James Luften   James Luften Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2016 11:47 pm

i think he looks more like nathan drake
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James Luften
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