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 Application Format

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PostSubject: Application Format   Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:31 pm

Human/Synth Application Format.


Mutant/Robot Application Format.


NOTE: When applying for mutants you will need to advance through the "Tiers" which will be listed below.
Tier 1: Radroach, Giant Ant, Giant Rat, Bloatfly, Molerat.
Tier 2: Coyote, Feral Dog, Dog, Mantis, Brahmin, Bighorner.
Tier 3: Mirelurk, Feral Ghoul, Trogs, Protectron, Mr Handy, Geckos, Radscorpion, Yao Guai.
Tier 4: Mirelurk Hunter, Super Mutant, Spore Carrier, Bark radscorpion, Centaur, Sentrybot, Feral Ghoul Reaver.
Tier 5: Mirelurk King, Super Mutant Behemoth, Tunneler, Cazador, Deathclaw.
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Application Format
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